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31 October

Ichiriki Won Shinjin O title!

  The third game of the 39th Shinjin-O title match (best of three) was played on 25th September 2014 at the Nihon Ki-in in Nagoya. Taking black, Ichiriki Ryo 7p beat Shida Tatsuya 7p by resignation after 145 moves. Ichiriki obtains Shinjin-O title by 2-1.
  He breaks the record for Shinjin-O title at the youngest age: 17 years and 3 months. (The previous record was 17 years and 5 months achieved by Yoda Norimoto 9p in 1983.)

Iyama Won Agon Kiriyama Cup

  The final of the 21st Agon Kiriyama Cup was held in Kyoto on 18th October.
  Taking black, Iyama Yuta defeated Kono Rin 9p by 1.5 points after 309 moves.
  He claimed his third victory in this tournament.

90th Anniversary of Nihon Ki-in Foundation

  The Nihon Ki-in was founded in 1924 and celebrated its 90th anniversary on 3rd October 2014. The celebration party was held at the Grand Hill Ichigaya hotel with over 300 people in attendance.

Komatsu 9p Wins 800 Games

  Komatsu Hideki 9-dan pro scored 800 wins (418 losses) as a professional on 9 October 2014, defeating Kanazawa Makoto 4-dan pro by resignation in preliminary A of the 40th Gosei tournament. He is the 33th player at the Nihon Ki-in to reach 800 wins.
  Top of the list is Cho Chikun, with 1441 wins (*as of 9 October 2014).

Profile of Komatsu Hideki 9p:
  - Born in 1967 in Aichi prefecture.
  - Became a shodan professional in 1981 and became 9-dan pro in 1995.
  - Teacher: Mr. Yasunaga Hajime
He won several titles including:
  - 13th Shinjin-O title in 1988
  - 17th Shinjin-O title in 1992
  - 13th NEC Cup in 1994

British Youth Were Dispatched to Japan!

  The three British youth who were selected by British Go Association were dispatched to Japan to experience and learn Japanese Go culture from the Nihon Ki-in. They enjoyed the program from 3 to 12 October 2014. This program was sponsored by Great Britain Sasakawa Fundation.

Visit `Yugen no ma' in the Nihon Ki-in Visit `insei'
Go Lesson by Aoba Kaori 4p Participation in `Hiratsuka Go Festival'

26 Russian Players Visited the Nihon Ki-in

  26 Russian players with U-40 visited the Nihon Ki-in on 25 and 26 October 2014 to receive lectures and teaching games from professionals mainly and to play goodwill matches with Japanese University students in Tokyo. This program was supported by Ministry of Japan Foreign Affairs.

Visit the Nihon Ki-in and Yugen no ma!
Oya Kouichi 9p and Ogoshi Ichiro 8p gave the Russians teaching games and lectures.
Russian young players vs Japanese University students

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