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31 August

Iyama Defends Gosei

  The fifth game of the 39th Gosei title match (best of five series) was played on 29th August at the Nihon Ki-in. Taking white, Iyama Yuta, the current Gosei title holder, beat Kono Rin 9p by resignation after 220 moves.
  Iyama defended Gosei title by 3-2 and has now held it for three years in a row.
  Iyama still holds his sextuple crown (Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo, Tengen, Oza and Gosei).
  Comments of Iyama: It was really lucky that I could win the game. I cannot believe that I just defended the title because I made a huge mistake at the final game and almost resigned. I expect it should be a hard game at the Meijin title match so I will try my best.

Kono Rin Challenge for Meijin

  Kono Rin 9p earned the right to challenge for Meijin title match for his first time.
  In the playoff match to decide the challenger for the 39th Meijin title, played in 4th August 2014 at the Nihon Ki-in, Kono Rin 9p (B) defeated Yamashita Keigo 9p by half a point after 250 moves. The current Meijin title holder is Iyama Yuta.
  The first game of Meijin title match will be played in Tokyo on 4th and 5th September.

Amazing Rina Challenge for Women's Honinbo!

  Fujisawa Rina 2p just earned the right to challenge for Women's Honinbo title match. In the playoff match to decide the challenger for the 33rd Women's Honinbo title, played in 21 August 2014 at the Nihon Ki-in, Rina (W) beat Okuda Aya 3p by resignation. Rina will play five-match series at the age of 16 years old which is the youngest record in women's go history of Japan. The current title holder is Mukai Chiaki.
  The first game of Women's Honinbo title match will be played in October 2014.

Iwamoto North America Foundation for Go

  The Nihon Ki-in will set up a nonprofit organization in the United States in cooperation with American Go Association in October 2014 which name is ‘Iwamoto North America Foundation for Go' (*hereinafter called INAF).
  INAF shall be founded for the purpose of fostering, promulgating and developing the game and culture of go in North America, according to the vision and wishes of the late Japanese go master, Iwamoto Kaoru.
  INAF will provide grants to support such promotional activities of go as teaching events, cultural exchanges, promotional activities in schools and publicity in North America.
  INAF will seek promotional plans of go through its official website soon.
  INAF will be officially formed at the first board meeting in October 2014.


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