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30 July

Iyama Defends Honinbo

  The fifth game of the 69th Honinbo title match (best of seven series) was played on 30th June and 1st July 2014 in Osaka. Taking black, Iyama Yuta, the current Honinbo title holder, beat Ida Atsushi 8p who became the youngest-ever challenger in a history of Honinbo title match by resignation after 247 moves.
  Iyama defended Honinbo title by 4-1 and has now held it for three years in a row.   Iyama still holds his sextuple crown (Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo, Tengen, Oza and Gosei). Ida could not become the youngest-ever Honinbo title holder.

The full results of the series are given as follows:
- Game 1 (14, 15 May): Iyama(B) won by resignation
- Game 2 (25, 26 May): Iyama (W) won by resignation
- Game 3 (4, 5 June): Iyama (B) won by resignation
- Game 4 (18, 19 June): Ida (B) won by resignation
- Game 5 (30 June, 1 July): Iyama (B) won by resignation

New Shodan

  Shibano Toramaru has ranked first in number of over 50 inseis of the Nihon Ki-in Tokyo during the Summer term of 2014 from April to June 2014. Accordingly, he gets certified as 1 dan pro of the Nihon Ki-in.
  He will start to play for a pro tournament from September 2014.

Profile of Shibano Toramaru
● Birth Date : 9th November, 1999
● Age at certified pro Shodan : 14 years old
● Hometown : Kanagawa
● Affiliation : Tokyo (Headquarter of the Nihon Ki-in)

New Board Members of the Nihon Ki-in

  Please be informed that the Nihon Ki-in elected and appointed new board members and auditors on 24 June 2014 as follows:

【Directors, Advisor and Auditors of the Nihon Ki-in】
【 Chairman 】
Wada Norio Special Advisor of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
【 Vice Chairman 】
Jagawa Tadaaki Special Advisor of Hino Motor Corporation
Yamashiro Hiroshi Professional 9 dan
【 Executive Managing Director 】
Ohbuchi Morito Professional 9 dan
*Responsible for General Affairs and Personnel dept.
Enda Hideki Professional 9 dan
*Responsible for Kansai Office
Nakaonoda Tomomi  Professional 9 dan
*Responsible for Pro Tournament Planning dept.
Miyagawa Fumihiko Professional 7 dan
*Responsible for Nagoya Office
Kubo Hideo Professional 6 dan
*Responsible for Internet dept./Publication dept.
Hirano Norikazu Professional 5 dan
* Responsible for Promotion dept.
Masaki Shunsuke Special Advisor of InfoCom Research, Inc.
*Responsible for Finance, Corporate Development and Overseas Affairs dept.
【 Director 】
Akune Misao Vice President of Taisei Corporation
Adachi Seijiro Ex-President of Japan Post Bank
Ogawa Tomoko Professional 6 dan
Sumi Kazuo President of Hankyu Corporation
Hori Yoshioto President of Globis Corporation
Matsuura Koichiro Ex-Secretary General of UNESCO
【 Advisor 】
Otake Hedeo Professional 9 dan
【 Auditor-Secretary 】
Hara Sachiko Professional 4 dan
Yoshikawa Etsura CPA

Obituary Sasaki Tadashi

  Sasaki Tadashi 8-dan pro died at 7:16 a.m. on 20 July 2014. He was only 51 years old.
  He was born on 28 May 1963 in Tokyo. He became a disciple of Sakata Eio 9-dan pro and became professional 1-dan in 1980. He reached 8-dan in 2001. He was a regular visitor to the U.S. go congress. He also planned to visit the Congress in New York City this year.

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