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26 September

Takao Challenge for Tengen

  Takao Shinji 9p earns the right to challenge for the 40th Tengen title match. In the playoff match to decide the challenger for the 40th Tengen title (*the current title holder is Iyama Yuta), played on 8th September at the Nihon Ki-in, Takao (B) defeated Kono Rin 9p by resignation after 195 moves. Takao will play Tengen title match for the first time.
  The first game of 40th Tengen title match (best of five games) will be played on 24 October 2014 in Mie Prefecture.

Murakawa Challenge for Oza

  Murakawa Daisuke 7p earns the right to challenge for the 62nd Oza title match. In the playoff match to decide the challenger for the 62nd Oza title, played on 11th September 2014 at the Nihon Ki-in, Murakawa (B) beat Rin Kanketsu 7p by resignation after 147 moves. Murakawa will play five-match series for the first time in his career.
  The current title holder is Iyama Yuta. The first game of the 62nd Oza title match will be played on 21 October 2014 in Yokohama.

Honinbo Shuho Won 13 by 13 Pro Tournament!

  A first 13 by 13 pro tournament which was created by crowdfunding for the first time was held at the Nihon Ki-in on 31 August 2014.
  Eight contestants from 20 candidates of the Nihon Ki-in pro were elected by votes of the contributors as follows: Takao Shinji (Judan), Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo), Ishida Shuho (24th Honinbo), Yamashita Keigo (9p), Cho U (9p), O Meien (9p), Mimura Tomoyasu (9p) and So Yokoku (9p).
  Ishida and Takao have advanced to the finals, and taking white, Ishida beat Takao by resignation and won the tournament at the age of 66 years. The third place was O Meien and the fourth place was Cho U.

Photo Album of the Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School 2014!

  22 participants from 11 countries (G.B, Spain, U.S, Germany, the Netherland, France, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Malaysia, and Colombia) attended the Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp which was 10 days intensive training program from 26 August 2014 at the Nihon Ki-in.
  One of the highlights of the Summer Go School 2014 was that almost attendees played and enjoyed Takara Shuzo Cup which is the largest and most popular tournament in Japan.

Lecture of pros in English (Mitani 7p and Kuma 6p)
Special lecture of Ishida Shuho 24th Honinbo
Ichiriki Ryo (winner of GLOBIS Cup) v.s. Lukas Kramer (German Champion)
*With Live commentary of Michael Redmond 9p
Visit the venue of Meijin title match (Iyama vs Kono Rin)!
Simultaneous games by pros (Ohashi 6p, Ohsawa 4p and Komatsu 1p)
Kamakura Day Trip: visit the place of Juban go (Go Seigen vs Kitani)
Play at Takara Shuzo cup with about 1,300 contestants!

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