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25 December

Iyama was Surprisingly Beaten!

  Iyama Yuta who maintained his sextuple titles for about 14 months loses Oza title. The final game of the 62nd Oza title match (best of five series) was played on 16th December 2014 in Mie prefecture. Taking white, the challenger, Murakawa Daisuke (*7dan pro of the Kansai Kiin), defeated Iyama by 1.5 points after 249 moves. Murakawa gets a major title for the first time. As a Kanasi Kiin pro, he claims Oza for the first time since Hashimoto Shoji 9p got it in 1981.

The full results of the series are given as follows:
  - Game 1 (21 Oct): Iyama(B) won by 0.5 point
  - Game 2 (18 Nov): Murakawa (B) won by 1.5 points
  - Game 3 (20 Nov): Iyama (B) won by 2.5 points
  - Game 4 (8 Dec): Murakawa (B) won by resignation
  - Game 5 (16 Dec): Iyama (W) won by 1.5 points

Iyama Also Lost Tengen

  The final game of the 40th Tengen title match (best of five series) was played on 19th December 2014 in Tokushima prefecture just three days later that Iyama lost Oza. Iyama was also defeated by the challenger, Takao Shinji 9p (*the current Judan title holder) by resignation after 212 moves. Takao got Tengen by 3-2 and holds Tengen and Judan simultaneously. Iyama now only holds his quadruple crown: Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo and Gosei.

The following comments from the players:
  -Takao Shinji: `I assume most of the matches were difficult games so I am surprised with the result'.
  -Iyama Yuta: `I am content with two games which I won but I had no chance on the other three games. I played hard but I am disappointed with the result'.

The full results of the series are given as follows:
  - Game 1 (24 Oct): Iyama(W) won by resignation
  - Game 2 (11 Nov): Takao (W) won by resignation
  - Game 3 (25 Nov): Iyama (W) won by resignation
  - Game 4 (11 Dec): Takao (W) won by resignation
  - Game 5 (19 Dec): Takao (W) won by resignation

Obituary: Go Seigen

  A great master, Go Seigen, 100 years old, passed away from old age at 1:11 am on 30th November 2014 in Japan.
  Mr. Wada, a chairman of the Nihon Ki-in, commented that `a TV crew from China was dispatched and filmed `Celebration event of 100 years birthday of Go Seigen Sensei' in Tokyo in last July and I realised that his great achievement is also highly-praised in China. It is with great sadness that we lost the go bridge between Japan and China.
  We want to try to achieve `global peace through go' according to the vision and wishes of Go Seigen'.

Messages from around the world:
- I am very sad to hear this news. Go Seigen is my hero; he has brought Go to a place that only he could. I have always considered him and Dosaku as the two greatest Go players of all times. I want to convey my respect and condolences. The AGA has separately sent out its electronic notification. (Thomas Hsiang, Vice president of American Go Association)
- Many European players have been inspired by his Go playing, by his writing in books that have been translated into English and by his life as seen in the movie "The Go Master".
Please accept my condolences on behalf of all the European Go fans. (Martin Stiassny, President of European Go Federation)
- Please accept our condolences on the demise of the Great Master Go Seigen on November 30, 2014. The blessing of Go Seigen's 100 years of age was very well matched with the Master's own blessing to the Go World. It was indeed a great loss for all of us Go players.
The Thai Go players shall keep our fond memories of Go Seigen with love, respect, and adoration. May Go Seigen Rest In Peace (Korsak Chairasmisak, president of Go Association of Thailand)

New System of Kisei Tournament!

  A tournament system of Kisei will be completely changed from 40th Kisei tournament which has started from 11th December 2014.
  The new system has four leagues as S (6 players), A (8 players), B (16 players) and C league (32 players) and Preliminary round (about 400 players).
  A runners up of S league and a winner of each league will play for the knockout tournament and the winner will play for the playoff match to decide a challenger of Kisei title match with the winner of S league. The playoff match will be the best of three games and a champion of S league will be given a win as an advantage.
  At the new system, amateur players are also qualified to the preliminary round.
  Those amateurs who place in the top four at the `Internet amateur Kisei tournament' are qualified to the Preliminary round. 16 players will be qualified to C league from
  Preliminary round while 16 players from C league will be demoted to preliminary round.
  B league players are selected according as performances of Kisei league in the last three years. S and A league players are selected according as the order of ranking in the 39th Kisei league.

The Third Edition of Densei Tournament:Cho Chikun vs Best Computer Program

  Please be informed that the 3rd Densei tournament will be held at the University of Electro-Communications in March 2015.
  In the 3rd Densei tournament, Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo) will play against two best computer programs. In the 2nd Densei tournament, Yoda Norimoto 9p played against two best computer programs: Zen and Crazy Stone (*four stones handicap game).
  It will be the third year collaboration event since The Nihon Ki-in and University of Electro-Communications signed strategic partnership on June 2012.

Organiser : The University of Electro-Communications Cognitive Science and Entertainment
-Sponsor : Igo Shogi Cable TV Channel
-Support : The Nihon Ki-in, Japanese Society Artificial Intelligence, Computer Go Forum
-Date : 17 March 2015
-Venue : The University of Electro-Communications
-Matches : 1st Game: Cho Chikun 25th Honinbo v.s. Vice-Champion of UEC Cup
2nd Game: Cho Chikun 25th Honinbo v.s. Champion of UEC Cup
-Rule : Japanese Rule (Handicap game)
-Regulations : 30 minutes for time allowance and 30 seconds byo-yomi
-Prizes : 100,000 Japanese Yen for a winner of 1st Game
200,000 Japanese Yen for a winner of 2nd Game

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