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31 July January

Iyama Defends Honinbo!

  Iyama Yuta defends Honinbo title by 4-3. The final game of the 68th Honinbo title match (best-of-seven competition) was played on 17 and 18 July in Kanagawa. Taking black, Iyama defeated the challenger, Takao Shinji 9p by 4.5 points after 262 moves. He still holds the quintuple crown: Kisei, Honinbo, Tengen, Oza and Gosei. Takao lost a chance to get Honinbo for the first time in six years.

The full results of the series are given as follows:
  Game 1 16, 17 May 2013 Iyama(W) won by 4.5 points
  Game 2 28, 29 May 2013 Takao (W) won by resignation
  Game 3 5, 6 June 2013 Takao (B) won by resignation
  Game 4 17, 18 June 2013 Iyama (B) won by resignation
  Game 5 24, 25 June 2013 Iyama(W) won by resignation
  Game 6 10, 11 July 2013 Takao (W) won by resignation
  Game 7 17, 18 July 2013 Iyama(B) won by 4.5 points

Iyama Won TV Asia Cup!

  The 25th TV Asia Cup was held in Tokyo from 28 to 30 June. In the final, Iyama (w) beat Park Jung-hwan by resignation after 198 moves at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo.
  Iyama won TV Asia Cup for his first time. Japan wins the first TV Asia Cup since Cho U won the title in 2005. The final game was televised live on NHK.
  The full results of Iyma are given as follows:
・Final Game: Iyama (W) beat Park Jung -hwan by resignation
・Semi Final Game: Iyama (W) beat Wang Xi by resignation
・Round 1: Iyama(W) beat Lee Chang-ho by resignation

Kobayashi Satoru Wins Masters Cup!

  The final of the 3rd of Go Masters Cup (sponsored by S.T. Corporation and Fumakilla) was held on 13 July at the Nihon Ki-in. Kobayashi Satoru 9p (W) beat Ishii Kunio 9p who is a teacher of Iyama Yuta by 1.5 points. Kobayashi won his first Go Masters Cup title.

Kita Fumiko is Nominated for Go Hall of Fame

  The 10th Go Hall of Fame Award Committee was held on 16 July at the Nihon Ki-in and Kita Fumiko honorary 8-dan pro was elected to the hall of fame. It is the first time for a woman to be enshrined to the go hall of fame. She was elected through a vote of the 10 members of above committee. The relievo for her will be made and be exhibited at the Go hall of fame and museum in the Nihon Ki-in.

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