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28 February

Yuki to First Challenge for Judan!

  Yuki Satoshi 9p becomes the challenger to Iyama Yuta for Judan title.
  In the play-off to decide the challenger to Iyama, held at The Nihon Ki-in on 31 January 2013, Yuki (B) defeats Takao Shinji 9p by resignation after 175 moves.
  Yuki makes his first challenge for Judan title match. The first game of the 51th Judan title match (Five-match series) will be held in on 6 March 2013 at Osaka University of Commerce.

The 8th Daiwa Shoken Cup Finalists

  Daiwa Shoken Cup is an internet tournament and becomes an official tournament from the 8th edition. The semi-final matches of The 8th Daiwa Shoken Cup were played in February 2013 and the finalists of the 8th Daiwa Shoken Cup are Takao Shinji 9p and Yuki Satoshi 9p. They will play for the final that will be held on 23 March 2013.

New Shodan Players in 2013

  The following six players get certified as shodan professional of The Nihon Ki-in in 2013.
Name Age Country Teacher Affiliation
Yo Chito 15 Taiwan None The Nihon Ki-in Tokyo
Kyo Kagen 15 Taiwan Takabayashi Takuji 6p The Nihon Ki-in Tokyo
Fujimura Yosuke 17 Japan Yoda Norimoto 9p The Nihon Ki-in Tokyo
Bian Wenkai 20 China Yoshioka Kaoru 7p The Nihon Ki-in Chubu
Tanaka Nobuyuki 21 Japan None The Nihon Ki-in Kansai
Hoshiai Shiho 15 Japan None The Nihon Ki-in Tokyo
( from Women Pro Exam )
  They will play their first pro matches from April 2013.

The 50th Shusai Prize

  The Shusai prize is given to the most outstanding player in Japan. The award is a tribute to 21th Honinbo Shusai Meijn.
  The winner of the 50th Shusai prize is Iyama Yuta since he gets five crowns (Honinbo, Tengen, Oza, Gosei and Judan) at age 23 that is the youngest age in Japanese go history. The members of the selection committee are Saito Juuro (Ex-president of the House of Councilors), Miyoshi Toru (writer), Wada Norio (Chair of The Nihon Ki-in), Zyagawa Tadaaki (Vice Chair of The Nihon Ki-in), Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p (Vice Chair of The Nihon Ki-in), Ohbuchi Morito 9p (Descendant of Honinbo Shusai) and Ishida Yoshio (24th Honinbo). The award ceremony will be held at The Nihon Ki-in on 26th March 2013.

The 42th Okura Prize

  The Okura prize is awarded by the Nihon Ki-in in recognition for contributions to the spreading and growth of the game of go. The award is a tribute to Baron Okura Kishichiro who was the founding patrons of The Nihon Ki-in.

The 42th Okura Prize is awarded to the following persons:
  - Ayuzawa Makoto (Cartoonist)
  - Watanabe Ryousaku
  - Totsuka Kazuo
  - Hori Eiji
  - Rin Kaiho (Honorary Tengen)
  - Otake Hideo (Honorary Gosei)

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