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30 April

Iyama Lost Judan!

  The final game of the 51th Judan title match (five-match series) was held at the Kansai Kiin on 26 April.
  Taking white, Yuki Satoshi 9p defeated Iyama Yuta by 1.5 points after 261 moves and Yuki gets his first Judan title by 3-2.
  Losing Judan, Iyama is now a quintuple crown holder: Kisei, Honinbo, Oza, Tengen and Gosei.

Announcement of the 34th WAGC

  The 34th World Amateur Go Championship will be held in Sendai, Japan from the 1st of September 2013.
  The representative players from more than 60 nations and territories may play in the tournament.

The outline of the tournament
-Venue: Sendai City Information & Industry Plaza
  ・31 Aug: Opening ceremony and Reception party
  ・1 Sep to 4 Sep: WAGC tournament
  ・4 Sep: Doping test, Closing and award ceremony
  ・5 Sep: Sightseeing within Miyagi prefecture
  ・The winner will be given the title of 34th World Amateur Go Champion and will receive an amateur 8-dan diploma from the Nihon Ki-in.
  ・A player not placed in the top eight who has demonstrated fair play and fighting spirit will be awarded the Asada Fighting Spirit Prize.

Computer v.s. The 24th Honinbo

  The 1st Densei cup was held at The University of Electro-Communications on 20 March 2013. Giving them 4 stones handicap games, Ishida Shuho (the 24th Honinbo) played against two computer programs called CrazyStone and Zen which were the finalists of the 6th UEC Cup.
  Ishida won the first game against Zen by resignation, but in the second game against CrazyStone Ishida was defeated by 3 points.
  The winner of the Densei cup is CrazyStone and it gets the prize: JPY 200,000.
  After the game, Ishida commented that `CrazyStone' should be as strong as 6 dan amateur player in Japan.

A New Go Centre in Yurakucho

  Please be informed that the Yaesu Go Centre will be moved to Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan in Yurakucho and the new go center will open in the middle of June in 2013. The Yaesu Go Centre will be opened until 1 June 2013.

- Schedule:
  ・Last Day of the Yaesu Go Centre : 1 June 2013
  ・Opening Day of the New Go Centre: 17 June 2013
-New Location: 9th floor, 2-10-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo

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