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30 October

Kanazawa Wins King of the New Stars

  Kanazawa Makoto 3p (aged 20) and Fujita Akihiko 3p (aged 20) played for The best-of-three final of The 37th King of the New Stars title in 2012. The third game was played on 9 October 2012 at The Nihon Kiin in Tokyo. Kanazawa (white) defeated Fujita by 11.5 points and gets King of the New Stars title by 2-1.
  Kanazawa became professional 1 dan in 2008. He is the pupil of Fujisawa Shuko.

The full results of the series are given as follows:
  Game 1 (17 September). Fujita (B) by 6.5 points.
  Game 2 (26 September). Kanazawa (W) won by 1.5 points
  Game 3 (9 October). Kanazawa (W) won by 11.5 points

Cho U's Fourth Agon Kiriyama Cup

  The final game of The 19th Agon Kiriyama cup was held on 6 October in Kyoto. Cho U (white) won by resignation against Rin Shien 7p. This gave Cho U his fourth Agon Kiriyama Cup title after a gap of four years. This is Cho U's 38th title.
  Both players are the pupils of Rin Kaiho (Honorary Tengen). Rin Shien could not get his first title.

Hsieh Yi Min Won Sixth Consecutive Women's Honinbo!

  Hsieh Yi Min wins Women's Honinbo title in six years in a row.
  Hsieh and Okuda Aya 3p making her first title challenge, played for the third game of The 31th Women's Honinbo title match at The Nihon Ki-in in Tokyo on 16th October 2012. Hsieh (W) defeats Okuda by 4.5 points and defends the title with straight wins (3-0). Okuda could not win her first title.

The full results of the series are given as follows:
  Game 1 (26 September). Hsieh Yi Min (W) won by 5.5 points
  Game 2 (3 October). Hsieh Yi Min (B) won by resignation
  Game 3 (16 October). Hsieh Yi Min (W) won by 4.5 points

Cho Chikun Wins 1400 Games!

  Cho Chikun 25th Honinbo scores 1400 official wins at the Nihon Ki-in on 27 September 2012. He still holds the record for the most wins ever in Japan. It took him 44 years to reach this landmark. The landmark victory came in the preliminary match of the 35th Gosei tournament. Taking white, Cho Chikun beat Komatsu Hideki 9dan by 3.5 points. His record at this point was 1400 wins, 762 losses, 3 jigos, and 4 no-results.

4by4 Cho U's Go Puzzle!
New Release: English and Chinese version of `Cho U's 4 by 4 Go Puzzle'!

  It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Nihon Kiin just released the English and Chinese version of `Cho U's 4 by 4 Go Puzzle' on iPad and iPhone on 5th October 2012.

  This app is based on the 4 by 4 puzzle which has been come up with the idea by Cho U Kisei who is the best go player in Japan. His go puzzles "4 by 4 Go" are popular among people as a new approach to mind games.
  This puzzle is the 4 by 4 tsumego game, an intellectual game which can be enjoyed by from complete beginners to high dan players.
  Kids can also learn how to play a game of go on its `Story Mode' that features pretty characters.

The price: US$ 2.99
For English version: http://itunes.apple.com/app/ri-ben-qi-yuan-zhang-xuno/id517153034?mt=8
For Chinese version: http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/ri-ben-qi-yuan-zhang-xuno/id517153034?mt=8

[About Cho U]
  Pupil of Rin Kaiho (Honorary Tengen)
  Professional 1 dan in 1994 and 9 dan in 2003
  He won the 34th Kisei title in 2010 and became the second player to achieve a grand slam (won all of the seven main titles).

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