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30 August

Master's Cup Final !

  The final game of the 2nd Masters Cup was played in The Nihon Ki-in on 28 July 2012.
  O Meien 9p (White) defeated Cho Chikun by 3.5 points. It is the first title for O Meien 9p since he lost Oza title in 2003. Cho Chikun could not win consecutive victories two years in a row in the Master's Cup.

Hane Naoki to Challenge for Meijin Title

  In the play-off to decide the challenger for the 37th Meijin title, held at the Nihon Ki-in Kansai branch on 6 August 2012, Hane Naoki (black) defeated Iyama Yuta by resignation and will play for Meijin title match for his first time. The first game of the 37th of Meijin title match will be played between Yamashita Keigo Meijin and Hane Naoki on 30 and 31 August 2012 in Tokyo. Hane and Yamashita have already played against each other for 7 major title matches for the fifth time.

Okuda Aya Gets the Challenger for
Women's Honinbo Title Match

  In the play-off to decide the challenger to Hsieh Yi Min, held at the Nihon Ki-in on 16 August 2012, Okuda Aya 3p defeats Chinen Kaori 4p by a half point and will play for Women's Honinbo title match. Okuda 3p will play a title match for her first time. The first game of the 31th of Women's Hononbo title match will be played on 26 September 2012 in Saga prefecture.

Europe Go Congress 2012

  6 young pros from The Nihon Kiin visited Bonn in Germany to participate in Europe Go Congress 2012. They enjoyed teaching go to the European players at the congress.

Lecture by Mitani Tesuya 7p

Review by Shiung Feng 6p

Simultaneous games by Katsura Atushi 4p

Mitic Nikola Becomes Insei

  A Serbian Go player, Mitic Nikola (age 20), is accepted as insei at a headquarters of The Nihon Kiin and will start insei from 6 October 2012.

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