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30 September

Hane Naoki to Challenge for Oza

In the play-off to decide the challenger to Cho U, Hane Naoki (Gosei) defeats Iyama Yuta (Meijin) by resignation and will play for Oza title match for his first time.
  His father, Hane Yasumasa 9dan, got Oza title more than 20 years ago (in 1990).
  If Hane Naoki gets the title, it will be the first time ever in Japanese go history that parent and child win the same title in 7major titles: Kisei, Meijin. Honinbo, Judan, Tengen, Oza and Gosei. The first game for The 59th Oza title will be held in 20th October in Tokyo.

The 59th Oza Challengers Tournament

Murakawa 7dan takes Shinjin O title
(The King of the New Stars)

  Murakawa Daisuke 7dan (aged 20) and Anzai Yoshiaki 6dan (aged 26) play for The best-of-three final of The 36th King of the New Stars title September 2011. In the final, Murakawa defeats Anzai Nobuaki with straight wins (2-0). Murakawa qualified as professional shodan in The Kansai Ki-in at the age of 11 years 10 months which is the second-youngest pro in modern Japanese Go.

Game 1 (17 September). Murakawa (B) by 6.5 points.
Game 2 (26 September). Murakawa (W) by 1.5 points

The 36th Shinjin-o Tounament Final

SportAccord 2011

  The first edition of SportAccord World Mind Games will be held from 8-16 December 2011 at Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing, China.
  Top players (24 men and 6 women) from 6 countries and areas (China, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, U.S.A. and Europe) will play for team and pair go games.
  For detailed information on SportAccord World Mind Games 2011, visit the following link: http://www.worldmindgames.net/en/sports/draughts-0-15302
  Japanese players for SportAccord World Mind Games 2011 are as follows:
  Yamashita Keigo 9p, Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p, Ogata Masaki 9p, Sakai Hideyuki 8p and Mukai Chiaki 4p

Keigo 9p
Hiroshi 9p
Masaki 9p
Hideyuki 8p
Chiaki 4p

Final Report for Charity (Donation to East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims)

  The Nihon Ki-in has raised money for the donation to East Japan earthquake and Tsunami victims from 11 April to 15 September 2011 and JPY 7,133,175 in donations has been collected.
  Please be informed that we donated above amount to The Japanese Red Cross in 20th September. We have sincerely appreciated your kind support and cooperation.

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