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24 May

Judan Title Match: Iyama takes revengeagainst Cho U

  The fifth game was played in The Nihon Ki-in on 29 April. It finished at 6:12p.m. with Iyama (black) winning by resignation. Iyama gains Judan title for his first time.
  Cho U loses Judan and now holds two titles: Kisei and Oza.

Full results:   Game 1 (3 March). Cho U (B) by resignation.
  Game 2 (24 March). Iyama (B) by resignation.
  Game 3 (7 April). Cho U (B) by resignation.
  Game 4 (22 April). Iyama (B) by 3.5 points
  Game 5 (29 April). Iyama(B) by resignation.

66th Honinbo challenger: Hane Naoki

  Hane has lost his Honinbo title last year but he becomes the challenger to regain the title. The first game was already played in Shimane Prefecture on 11th and 12th May.
  Yamashita(W) won by 7.5 points. The second game will be held in Kagoshima prefecture on 24th May 2011.

Yamashita Keigo Players Hane Naoki
28 wins Yamashita VS Hane 14 wins
12 wins out of 16 games Performance of this year 12 wins out of 18 games
19 titles Title wins in total 19 titles

Kisei League : Who are qualified to play the league?

 The winners of the four vacant seats in the 36th Kisei League are Seto Taiki 7dan of the Kansai Ki-in, Akiyama Jiro 8dan, Kouno Rin 9dan and Kobayashi Koichi 9dan.
  Seto Taiki 7dan will play his first-ever game in Kisei league.

 League A:     League B:
Iyama Yuta, Meijin
Yamashita Keigo, Honinbo
Hane Naoki, 9dan
Kato Atsushi, 8dan
Kouno Rin, 9dan
Seto Taiki, 7dan
Takao Shinji, 9dan
Yamashiro Hiroshi, 9dan
Yoda Norimoto, 9dan
Ryu Shikun, 9dan
Kobayashi Koichi, 9dan
Akiyama Jiro, 8dan

Cho U donates 15 million Japanese Yen for
the earthquake-stricken area!

  The massive earthquake and Tsunami occurred when Cho U played the game 6 of Kisei title match in Yamanashi prefecture. Although he won the game and defended the Kisei title, he was not so happy because he was deeply saddened by the news that thousands of people were dead and tens of thousands people have lost their homes by the massive earthquake and Tsunami. Cho U donated 15 million Japanese Yen from the prize money of Kisei title for the disaster areas.

32nd WAGC Tournament in Shimane

  The 32nd World Amateur Go Championship will be held in Shimane Prefecture between 29th May and 1st June 2011. About 60 participants will be played in the tournament this year despite the fact that the massive earthquake and Tsunami occurred in Japan.
  Shimane prefecture is a historical place for Go. Two great players were born in Shimane: Honinbo Dosaku and Iwamoto Kaoru 9dan. Dosaku is one of two players in Japanese Go history who have been accorded Go Saint. He introduced logical analysis into a game and laid the foundations of modern Go. Iwamoto 9dan made huge contributions to diffuse Go in the world. He donated JPY 500 million to The Nihon Ki-in to found Go centres in Brazil, The Netherlands and U.S.A. (New York and Seattle).
  For detailed information on The 32nd World Amateur Go Championship, please check the following website: http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/amakisen/worldama/32/e/index.html

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