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27 June

Iyama Yuta wins Bosai Cup defeating Lee Sedol and Gu Li!

  The Bosai Cup was held in China from 16 to 18 May 2011. It is an invitational tournament. The invitational players are as follows: Iyama Yuta, Lee Sedol and Gu Li.
  Iyama defeats Lee Sedol in the first round and also defeats Gu Li in the final round.
  Finally, he wins his first international tournament. His further step is expected at the upcoming 24th Fujitsu Cup tournament.

Rescheduling for The 24th Fujitsu Cup Tournament

The 24th Fujitsu cup has been postponed due to the earthquake and Tsunami.
  However, please be informed that Fujitsu cup tournament will be held in Osaka from the first round to the final from 10 to17 August 2011.

All players for above tournament are as follows:
Country/Region Players
  • Cho U
  • Iyama Yuta
  • Yamashita Keigo
  • Yuki Satoshi
  • Sakai Hideyuki
  • Cho Chikun
  • Hane Naoki
  • Takao Shinji
  • O Meien
  • Ogata Masaki
  • Yamada Kimi
  • Seto Taiki
  • Fujii Shuya
  • Kong Jie
  • Qiu Jun
  • Gu Li
  • Piao Wen-Yao
  • Xie He
  • Jiang Wei Jie
  • Chang Hao
  • Tou Jia Xi
  • Lee Sea-Dol
  • Choi Chul-Han
  • Heo Young Ho
  • Lee Young-Goo
  • Kim Ji-Seok
  • Park Joeng-Hwan
  • Kong Yoo Teak
Chen Shi-Yuan
Artem Kachanovskyi
Fernando Aguilar
Andy Liu

The 32nd WAGC Tournament in Shimane

  The 32nd WAGC was held in Shimane Prefecture from 29 May and 1 June 2011.
  Baoxiang Bai, the 18 year-old Chinese player, who wants to be a professional player won the tournament with eight wins in a row. It is notable that the players from France, Germany, Romania and Netherland who are non-Asian people were ranked top ten in the tournament. The day may not be far away when non-Asian player wins WAGC.
  To check the final result of the tournament, please move to the following link:http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/amakisen/worldama/32/e/result.html

Special Report for the 32nd W.A.G.C. in Shimane

84 year-old player
  Hirata, 84 years old, who is the Japanese representative in the 32nd WAGC, got six wins and finished at fifth at the tournament.
  In a speech at the closing ceremony, Chizu Kobayashi 5p, the chair of the tournament committee, mentioned about Mr. Hirata who is the Japanese reprehensive in WAGC. She said `you should note how it is amazing as he is 84 years old'. `Imagine if you were 84 years old and you got through the qualifying rounds and became the representative and got fifth place in WAGC tournament', she said. `Can you make the same thing as Hirata did when you become 84 years old? ` she added.
  It is very well known in Japan that black is more favourable for Hirata because of his style: strong attack.
  To see his games, please go to the following link to find his game records:http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/amakisen/worldama/32/e/records.html

Takemiya Special Prize
  `Takemiya special prize' was given to Kamil Chwedyna who is the polish player.
  Takemiya Masaki 9p who was the chief referee of the tournament was very keen to give some special prize to above polish player because he was so impressed with very unique style of the polish player. And then `Takemiya Special Prize' was quickly set up in the last day of the tournament.
  To see the unique style of his games, please go to the following link to find his game records:http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/amakisen/worldama/32/e/records.html

The First-ever English Page in Weekly Go Newspaper now on release!

  The special edition of `Shukan Go' which is Weekly Go Newspaper was released in i-Pad and i-Phone on 13 June 2011.
  It includes lots of full colour photos of and English article on the 32nd World Amateur Go Championship in Shimane.
  If you are a user of i-Phone or i-Pad, you can download above e-Newspaper from app store. To download the application, please put `nihonkiin' in the search engine at App store and you will find the e-newspaper.
  Please note that above issue which includes an English page is 2011-06-20. It is really special and we look forward to your getting it.
  Please note that you can check Kifu (game records) on above e-Newspaper by auto reply function.

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