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About Insei

What is insei?

The insei are youth that are studying to become professionals in Japan.
The Go insei who qualify in a yearly tournament become professional players.
How to become insei? (Application process for non-Asian insei)
The application process for a player apart from those with Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese or North Korean nationality to become insei (professional go trainees) at the Nihon Ki-in is as follows:
  1. Present the following documents to the Nihon Ki-in.
    1. Application
    2. Three recent game records (to be examined by the insei instructors).
      Note: Please send game records including the endgame. Whether you won or lost the games is not important. Make sure you include on the records the names of the players who had black and white and the dates.
    3. A recommendation by your national go association.
      Conditions for applicants
      1. Must be 25 years of age or younger at the time of application.
      2. Must have a reliable personal guarantor in Japan.
      3. Present a bank statement certifying the balance of the person who will pay all your expenses while in Japan, such as living expenses in Japan and the expenses related to insei training,
      4. The applicant must be able to secure his or her own accommodation in Japan
        (the Nihon Ki-in will not look for accommodation or act as an agent).
  2. Examination by the executive board of directors.
    This will be carried out on the basis of the documents in 1 (i), (ii) and (iii).
  3. Applying for visa
    The applicant should apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy in his or her country and present the Certificate of Eligibility and passport.
  4. Transfer to the Nihon Ki-in of the examination and enrolment fees.
    For the first year, a total of about 250,000 yen is required for these fees plus the tuition fee (as of 2008).
  5. Come to Japan and start insei training.
For more detail information,
please feel free to email us at 'overseasdept@nihonkiin.or.jp'
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