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08 July. / Free Go Workshop for Beginners in Asakusa

Sunday, August 28, 2016

We carry out Go workshop in Asakusa for foreign visitors and foreign residents.
You can learn Go by professional Go players directly, and guidance are available in English, Chinese and Korean.
We will hand out the textbooks and paper-made Go sets.

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016
Time: 10:30~11:30, 13:00~14:00, 15:00~16:00
Venue: Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center 5F Main conference room
Organized by: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Co-organized by:Taiko City
Supported by and in cooperation with: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Special Cooperated by:The Nihon Ki-in

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08 July. / New Structure of the Nihon Ki-in’s board of directors

Please be informed that the Nihon Ki-in elected and appointed board members and auditors on 28 June 2016 as follows:
【 Chairman 】
DAN Hiroaki
President of Tsushinbunka Association
【 Vice Chairman 】
YAMASHIRO Hiroshi Professional 9 dan
* Responsible for Finance Dept., Corporate Development and Overseas Affairs Dept.

【 Executive Managing Director 】
OHBUCHI Morito Professional 9 dan
* Responsible for General Affairs and Personnel Dept.
ENDA Hideki Professional 9 dan
* Responsible for Kansai Office
Female Professional 5 dan
* Responsible for Pro Tournament Planning Dept./Cultural Olympiad of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic
HIRANO Norikazu Professional 5 dan
* Responsible for Go Promotion (for domestic) dept.
HARA Sachiko
Female Professional 4 dan
* Responsible for Internet Dept./Publication Dept.
Female Professional 2 dan
* Responsible for Nagoya Office and Overseas Affairs Dept.
【 Director 】
AKUNE Misao Permanent Auditor of Taisei Corporation
IWASAKI Kazuto Executive Officer of Kyushu Elecric Power Co., Inc.
OGAWA Tomoko Female Professional 6 dan
SAITO Kiiko Coordinator of Town Development (Kawagoe city)
SUMI Kazuo President of Hankyu Corporation
HORI Yoshioto President of Globis Corporation
MATSUURA Koichiro Ex-Secretary General of UNESCO
【 Advisor 】
OTAKE Hideo Professional 9 dan
【 Auditor-Secretary 】
KUBO Hideo Professional 6 dan

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+81 3 3239 0899
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