Tournament conditions
  • 8 round Swiss system
  • All games to be played on even with Black giving 6-1/2 point komi
  • Time allowance of 60 minutes per player followed by 30 second byoyomi x three times.
    Tournament clocks will be used for all games.
  • Tournament rules are The World Amateur Go Championship Rules.
    Any problems that arise will be settled by the referees.
  • Referees will be professional go players from China Qi-Yuan

Determining the final order
  • The winner of each game scores 2 points. Higher score finishes higher.
  • When scores are tied, the player with the higher sum of opponents' scores (SOS) finishes higher.
  • When there is a tie on SOS for one of the top 8 places, the tie is broken by ignoring the opponents' scores in the first round, then, if necessary, the first two rounds, the first three rounds, etc.
  • If the players are still tied, the winner of the direct encounter between them finishes higher.
  • If there is still a tie, the players finish in order of their opponents' scores.
  • If the tie still remains, it is broken by drawing lots.
  • Ties below 8th place are not broken.

  • The winner will be given the title of ‘33rd World Amateur Go Champion’ and
    the winners cup.
  • Winners of 2nd to 8th places will receive cups.