The tournament will be conducted according to the following rules.

Tournament conditions
  • Eight-round Swiss system.
  • All games played on even, with Black giving a komi of 6 1/2 points.
  • All games will use tournament clocks. The time allowance is 90 minutes per player. When a player's time allowance expires, he or she must play 15 moves every ten minutes. This process will be repeated until the game is concluded. If a player fails to play 15 moves within ten minutes, his or her clock will stop and he or she will be declared to have lost on time.
  • The tournament rules are the World Amateur Go Championship Rules. Any problems that arise will be settled by the referees.
  • Referees will be Nihon Ki-in and Kansai Ki-in professional players.

Pairing system
  • In the 1st round, partners will be decided by drawing lots.
  • In the 2nd round on, first-round winners will be paired against each other and first-round losers will be paired against each other.
  • From the 3rd round on, pairings will be made as far as possible with players close to each other on points.

Determining the final order
  • Players will be ranked in the order of their total number of wins.
  • When players have the same number of wins, they will be ranked in the order of their SOS (sum of opponents' scores).
  • When players are still tied, they will be ranked in the order of their SOSOS (sum of opponents' SOSes).
  • If players are still tied, the winner of a direct encounter between the players concerned will be ranked higher.
    If players are still tied, they will be given the same place.

Use of tournament clocks
 In this tournament, we are using clocks that are equipped with the Canadian Overtime function.
  • Setting of clocks
     Clocks will be set for 90 minutes. When this time is used up, Canadian Overtime will automatically begin: the clocks are set for 15 moves in ten minutes. If a player hasn't played 15 moves when the ten minutes are up, the clock will sound some low pips and stop. At this point, the player concerned has lost on time. If a player does not notice that he or she has lost on time, the opponent can inform him or her and declare the game over. If any doubts arise at this time, a referee should be called to adjudicate. If neither player notices that the time has expired, the tournament officials are empowered by the referees to declare the loss on time. In such a case, please comply with the official's directions and immediately end the game.
  • Beginning of the game
     A referee or a member of the tournament staff will give the signal to conduct nigiri. After deciding the colors by nigiri, the player with white can start his or her opponent's clock.
  • Giving advice forbidden
     It is forbidden to give any advice to the players during games or during the breaks.
  • As far as possible, please avoid private conversation during games.
  • If a problem arises during play, press the red button on the centre of the clock once. This will stop the clock. Then please call a tournament official.