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Competition regulations
1 The championship will be an 8-round tournament conducted by the Swiss system.
2. All games will be played on even, with black giving a komi of 6½ points.
3. The time allowance is 1 hour 30 minutes per player, followed by 10/15 Canadian byo-yomi. Tournament clocks will be used for all games.
4. The tournament will follow the official “World Amateur Go Championship Rules”.
Any disputes or problems will be settled by the referees.
5. Referees will be professional go players from the Nihon Ki-in and the Kansai Ki-in.

1 ⅰ.The winner will receive a cup and the title “28th World Amateur Go Champion” and will also receive an amateur 8-dan diploma from the Nihon Ki-in.
2. Winners of the 2nd to 10th places will receive trophies.
3. The Shizuo Asada Fighting Spirit Prize will be awarded for fair play and fighting spirit toa player not finishing in the top ten.

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