List of Accommodations

A) If you want to get accommodation near the Nihon Ki-in:
  1. Within 15 mins walking distance from the Nihon Ki-in:
    - Lutheran Ichigaya Center (about US$ 40):
  2. Within 15 mins by train
    - Sakura Hotel (from USD 55 for single):
B) If you want to save costs of accommodation (less than US$ 50):
- Lutheran Ichigaya Center (about US$ 40):
- US$ 30-60 /night (Capsule Hotel):
- Sakura Hotel (US$ 25 for dormitory):

C) If you want to stay at a standard hotel within 15 mins by walk from the Nihon Ki-in:
- Tokyo Green Palace Hotel (from about US$ 100):
- Hotel Monterey Hanzomon (from about US$ 100):