[ Japanese ]

The 18th World Amateur Go Championship

Sponsored by : The Nihon Ki-in/Japan Airlines
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1 JUN@LIU (CHINA) O(5) O(17) O(41) O(7) O(4) O(6) O(37) O(18) 1
2 HSIANG JEN HUANG (C-TAIPEI) O(40) O(15) X(38) X(35) O(22) O(41) O(23) O(28) 6
3 MYONG SON CHOE (D-P-R KOREA) O(28) O(14) X(7) X(38) O(17) O(25) X(6) O(35) 7
4 YING@KAN (HONGKONG) O(13) O(22) O(23) O(27) X(1) X(7) O(35) O(37) 4
5 WOEI HAW DJAP (INDONESIA) X(1) X(12) X(40) O(26) X(43) O(39) X(46) X(33) 42
6 HIRONORI HIRATA (JAPAN) O(34) X(23) O(25) O(17) O(38) X(1) O(3) O(7) 2
7 YONG MAN LEE (KOREA) O(42) O(37) O(3) X(1) O(23) O(4) O(28) X(6) 3
8 KEE SOON TIONG (MALAYSIA) X(37) O(26) X(34) O(10) X(13) X(21) X(30) O(11) 35
9 SAY BOON NG (SINGAPORE) O(16) X(30) O(26) O(12) X(35) O(19) O(14) O(38) 14
10 KORSAK CHAIRASMISAK (THAILAND) X(15) X(42) O(43) X(8) O(46) O(45) X(13) X(32) 33
11 KEREM KARAERKEK (TURKEY) X(35) O(45) X(14) X(13) X(31) X(29) O(44) X(8) 43
12 FRANZ HUTTLER (AUSTRIA) X(21) O(5) O(20) X(9) X(19) O(16) O(32) O(31) 16
13 ALAIN WETTACH (BELGIUM) X(4) O(39) X(15) O(13) O(8) X(18) O(10) O(41) 17
14 VLADIMIR DANEK (CZECH) O(33) X(3) O(11) X(25) O(42) O(32) X(9) O(21) 15
15 KASPER HORNBAEK (DENMARK) O(10) X(2) O(13) X(28) O(16) O(34) X(38) O(25) 12
16 MATTI SIIVOLA (FINLAND) X(9) X(34) O(33) O(46) X(15) X(12) X(29) O(45) 32
17 PIERRE COLMEZ (FRANCE) O(32) X(1) O(31) X(6) X(3) O(24) O(27) O(23) 11
18 FELIX VON ARNIM (GERMANY) O(30) X(35) O(21) X(37) O(36) O(13) O(25) X(1) 10
19 GABOR SZABICS (HUNGARY) O(39) X(41) O(29) X(32) O(12) X(9) X(21) X(30) 34
20 NOEL MITCHELL (IRELAND) X(36) O(43) X(12) X(45) O(33) X(31) O(39) O(40) 28
21 ENZO PEDRINI (ITALY) O(12) X(25) X(18) X(42) O(29) O(8) O(19) X(14) 25
22 LAURENT HEISER (LUXEMBOURG) O(45) X(4) X(28) O(31) X(2) O(30) O(41) O(36) 13
23 GILLES VAN EEDEN (NETHERLANDS) O(29) O(6) X(4) O(41) X(7) O(27) X(2) X(17) 18
24 PAL SANNES (NORWAY) X(41) X(29) O(44) O(40) O(45) X(17) X(42) X(46) 40
25 LESZEK SOLDAN (POLAND) O(44) O(21) X(6) O(14) O(32) X(3) X(18) X(15) 22
26 GABRIEL BRANCO (PORTUGAL) X(38) X(8) X(9) X(5) X(40) O(44) X(33) O(39) 44
27 MIHAI PETRE BISCA (RUMANIA) O(43) O(31) O(35) X(4) X(28) X(23) X(17) O(42) 21
28 VICTOR BOGDANOV (RUSSIAN FED.) X(3) O(33) O(22) O(15) O(27) O(38) X(7) X(2) 8
29 MIROSLAV POLIAK (SLOVAKIA) X(23) O(24) X(19) X(36) X(21) O(11) O(16) X(34) 37
30 LEON MATOH(SLOVENIA) X(18) O(9) O(42) X(34) X(41) X(22) O(8) O(19) 25
31 CESAR SANCHEZ MUNOZ (SPAIN) O(46) X(27) X(17) X(22) O(11) O(20) O(40) X(12) 24
32 ULF OLSSON (SWEDEN) X(17) O(44) O(46) X(19) X(25) X(14) X(12) O(10) 27
33 ROBERTO MORRISON (SWITZERLAND) X(14) X(28) X(16) O(44) X(20) X(46) O(26) O(5) 38
34 DMITRY YATSENKO (UKRAINE) X(6) O(16) O(8) O(30) X(37) X(15) X(36) O(29) 23
35 MATTHEW MACFADYEN (U.K.) O(11) O(18) X(27) O(2) O(9) X(37) X(4) X(3) 19
36 VICTOR GUANG CHOW (SOUTH AFRICA) O(20) X(38) X(37) O(29) X(18) O(42) O(34) X(22) 20
37 ZHIQI YU (CANADA) O(8) X(7) O(36) O(18) O(34) O(35) X(1) X(4) 9
38 THOMAS FAUL KO (U.S.A.) O(26) O(36) O(2) O(3) X(6) X(28) O(15) O(9) 5
39 RAFAEL ALBERTO TORRES MIRANDA (CUBA) X(19) X(13) X(45) X(43) O(44) X(5) X(20) X(26) 38
40 JUAN JOSE RIVAUD (MEXICO) X(2) X(46) O(5) X(24) O(26) O(43) X(31) X(20) 36
41 EDUARDO LOPEZ HERRERO (ARGENTINA) O(24) O(19) X(1) X(23) O(30) X(2) X(22) X(13) 30
42 KIICHIRO SUZUKI (BRAZIL) X(7) O(10) X(30) O(21) X(14) X(36) O(24) X(27) 31
43 PABLO SAEZ (CHILE) X(27) X(20) X(10) O(39) O(5) X(40) X(45) O(44) 41
44 YUZURU NAKADA (VENEZUELA) X(25) X(32) X(24) X(33) X(39) X(26) X(11) X(43) 46
45 NEVILLE SMYTHE (AUSTRALIA) X(22) X(11) O(39) O(20) X(24) X(10) O(43) X(16) 39
46 KYLE JONES (NEW ZEALAND) X(31) O(40) X(32) X(16) X(10) O(33) O(5) O(24) 29