Osaka is the bold, showy counterpoint to Kyoto's subtle elegance, and attendees of the summer camp will be in for a special treat there when this year's Meijin title match kicks off at the luxurious Conrad Osaka.

First day meeting: 1-12, Kakudacho, Kita Ward, Osaka

The day before the Meijin tournament will give participants a truly native Go experience at the Nihon Kiin's Umeda Go Salon, where devoted Go fans can be found playing throughout the day. Teachers will also be available to conduct game reviews to help students deepen their understanding.

In the evening, the opening ceremony for the Meijin title match will take place at the Conrad Osaka. Takao Shinji will be playing to extend his run as Honinbo after defeating Iyama last year, breaking his hold on the seven major titles.

Second day meeting: 8:30am, Conrad Osaka

The following morning, students will get to watch the first game of the match, even witnessing the start of the game from the VIP seats in the playing room itself. Will Takao extend his reign, or will the challenger wrest the title from his grasp? Find out as this battle of the minds begins!