The first part of the summer Go camp will take place in Kyoto, a beautiful and ancient city that is home to many of Japan's greatest cultural treasures. This segment will offer opportunities for both serious study and pleasant sightseeing, with the following itinerary:

First day meeting: 10am, Heian Jogakuin University, Gochomecho, Kyoto

Registration will take place at the Heian Jogakuin, an English-styled women's college where president Keiichirou Yamaoka is also a formidable 5-dan Go player in his own right. After a morning lecture and welcome lunch, participants will be treated to an afternoon lecture and simultaneous games by Antti Törmänen 1-dan and Kobayashi Chizu 6-dan.

Second day meeting: 9:30am, Soumon (Main Gate), Shokoku-ji, Kyoto

The second day will focus on cultural outings, beginning with the Soukoku temple. This temple, home to a number of Rinzai Zen monks, also contains several beautiful gardens, each with its own theme. The most stunning of these is a rock garden that looks over a group of samurai houses from the Edo era. Students will learn from one of the head monks about the Rinzai tradition of zazen (座禅・seated Zen meditation) before participating in a Go meditation of their own with tsumego training.

The day's agenda also features a visit to the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji・金閣寺), one of the most famous temples in Japan. Dating back to the late 14th century, the gilded temple and its magnificent surroundings make up one of Kyoto's 17 World Heritage sites.

For those students who wish to continue their cultural exploration in the evening, there will be an optional dinner at the beer garden in Kamishichiken (上七軒), which is famous as one of the few places where the staff is comprised mostly of geisha and their apprentices, maiko.

Third day meeting: 9am, 529 Akinonocho, Kyoto

On the third day, students will take part in a lively tournament with the students of the Kyoto Go Dojo, whose owner was once one of the top 4 amateur players in Japan. Strong players will also be available for game reviews, making this an ideal opportunity to develop all aspects of one's Go strength.

Fourth day meeting: 9:30am, Jakkodera, Kitamonzencho, Kyoto

Students will travel on the fourth day from Kyoto to Osaka, but not before visiting Jakkō-ji (寂光寺, also known as Jakkodera), a Buddhist temple which has been associated with the Honinbo title for hundreds of years. In fact, during the Edo era, prospective heirs to the Honinbo title would take Buddhist vows and be ordained as monks.