Title NEC Cup

Name Cho Chikun
Born Jun/20/1956 Seoul
Master Kitani Minoru 9-dan
1-dan 1968
9-dan 1981
Came to Japan in 1962 at the age of six.
1975: 12th Pro Juketsu(Best Ten) Title
1980: 5th Meijin Title(defeated Otake Hideo)
Defended Meijin Title 5 straight years to earn Honorary Meijin status.
1981: 36th Honinbo Title(defeated Takemiya Masaki) to become fourth player in history to become Meijin-Honinbo.
1982:Meijin,Honinbo,judan,Kakusei Title
1983: Kisei,Meijin,Honinbo Title
1987: 13th Tengen Title(defeated Kobayashi Koichi)
become first player in history to have held all seven major titles.
1988: Defended all seven major titles.
1989: 44th Honinbo Title(defeated Takemiya), defended title a total of ten straight years to earn Honorary Honinbo The 25.
1994: Kisei Title
1996: Kisei,Meijin,Honinbo(three major) title
1998: Kisei,Meijin,Honinbo(three major) title
1999: Meijin tittle
2000: NEC Cup